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Dec 8, 2013 10:00pm EST
the public interest defense is not the journalism, but that you didn't have the don't want to spend the resources going through them before sharing them? direct -- there was a direct -- there were conversations with the cabinet me to think ch led that it was wise to share this material. >> thank you. ceremony that took place in your basement when the secret by yourself, how many people were there? the gchq.ere two from i think two or three from the guardian. you'll just break up the hard disks and the lap tops, is that right? it's harder to break up -- computer than you think. i think they have a a giant food food mixers like in which you can drop the computer. >> so it was brought to the basement -- with black & decker. >> and was there any point in hat exercise if you have the documents any way and you're going to publish them? food mixer thing? serious the -- the point is this -- and i it goes back to spy catcher. clear withcompletely the cabinet secretary that there were copies elsewhere. right. >> and that the destruction of these computers was not going to reporting. i think
Dec 1, 2013 10:25pm EST
in a defensive position as well. >> you were also involved in the for the south korea trade pac. you argued it's done a lot to boost exports. that's not ses say the case. >> it's clear when you look at have come down and where they've come out accordingly. i use autos. it's an extremely low base. we had few exports to south agreement. to the but now, auto exports from the u.s. have gone up over 50%, very small base. auto exports from the big three have gone up, very significantly as well. a lot of issues, a lot of actors go into what happens from a bilateral trade deficit from one quarter to another quarter. deficit me time, the with korea may have increased colombia and th panama also implemented around the same time have gone up dramatically. goes to the g differential growth rates in the various economies. we're can do is make sure reducing the barriers and the exports have a chance to compete field. vel playing >> get closer to home and talk about congress. here was a bit of a backlash that brewed last week about the trade negotiations. have you anticipated the fight ahead in getting every
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2